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Agenda 2023 Happiness at Work

There is much to do this week! We highlighted a couple of the events on the Agenda of the International Week of Happiness at Work 2023.  For all national/local events check the local websites on the page Countries. Is your country not listed yet? Find out what you can do here. 

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26 Sept 2023, 15.00 CEST
Webinar Vision: the Positivity of the Future with Dr. Oleg KonovalovRegister for free!
26 Sept 2023, 16.00 CEST
Mechanics of Happiness at Work - Roundtable with the Business Agility InstituteRegister for free!
27 Sept 2023, 16.00 CEST
Webinar with Alexander Kjerulf and Maartje Wolff: Why are the Scandinavian countries so happy?Register for free!
27 Sept 2023, 17.00 CEST
Webinar Silver Threads: Stitching Together Happier Workplaces w/ Micro-AppreciationRegister for free!
27 Sept 2023, 17.00 CEST
Webinar Happiness at Work: Organisational Myth or Leadership reality: Learn about the latest data release from iOpener’s ongoing 12-year, 60,000 participants, 182 country Happiness at Work survey.Register for free!
28 Sept 2023, 15.00 CEST
Webinar Gratitude: The Key That Unlocks Workplace HappinessRegister for free!
29 Sept 2023, 13.00 CEST
Webinar The Hidden Power of Employees' VoicesRegister for free!

The International Week of Happiness at Work is initiated by Happy Office from the Netherlands and is hosted by Woohoo Unlimited on their Happiness at Work Community Platform. The Woohoo Unlimited Happiness at Work Community is a thriving international community of professionals. We are dedicated to improving the way we work by creating happier, healthier workplaces. An unparalleled group of thought leaders, coaches, managers, internal CHOs, consultants and practitioners, constantly innovating, collaborating, and learning from one another.