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Agenda 2024 Happiness at Work – we are currently building the agenda!

For all national/local events check the local websites on the page Countries. Is your country not listed yet? Find out what you can do here. 

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20 Sept
World Cleanup Day - Let's cleanup together!More info
20 -22 Sept 24
Celebrate the 8th World Wellness Weekend with 8,000 venues in 160 countriesMore info
23- 27 Sept
30 days without complaining Challenge - Join us!More info
25 Sept 13.00 CEST
Henry Stewart tells about his new book Creating Joy at WorkTo Zoom
Time TBD
A webinar on Wellbeing by Julie WrenLink will follow
Time TBD
How to build a successful Happiness at Work strategy by Happy OfficeLink will follow
10+11+12 Oct
Woohoo Happiness at Work Academy (by Woohoo & Happy Office)More info here
14 + 15 Oct
Happiness at Work UNConference (Woohoo) + Conference Prague LIVE More info here