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Vega IT is a very inspiring software company from Serbia. One of the first to join the International Week of Happiness at Work. We spoke to their Chief Marketing Officer, Maja Božić…


Maja, who are you and why do you believe in Happiness at Work?

“Vega IT was founded in 2008. It is an experienced software development provider, working mostly with clients from Great Britain, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and Switzerland. From the moment the company was established, we took care of our employees and about how they feel at work. Our mission is to work in a company where people feel comfortable and happy and use its success to make the world a better place to live. A few years ago when we met Alexander Kjerulf from the company Woohoo inc we, we confirmed our belief that happiness at work has a significant impact on the productivity and success of one company. Since then, we have been educating and developing ourselves in this field. Also, all the daily activities we do and the decisions we make within the company are aimed at increasing the level of happiness at work.”


What do you do to enhance your own Happiness at Work?

“A few years ago we elected CHO and founded a culture committee with approximately 15 colleagues who sit in different offices on different floors in order to get an insight into how other colleagues feel at work. Their role in the company is to join their forces and work together on the improvement of the company culture and happiness at work. They meet up once a week and discuss various suggestions and ideas on how to make certain improvements. Also, we developed a tool Heartcount within the company, which measures the level of happiness at work as well as how employees feel on a weekly basis. The founders of Vega IT have an insight into the colleagues’ answers and can act on them accordingly.

At Vega IT, we do many different activities to improve our happiness at work:

Over the past period, we have organized activities like Praise week, 1000 balloons for our colleagues, the founders dished out fruit salads to our colleagues on the main entrance door of the company, workshops on the topic of happiness at work, workshops on the topic of positive feedback, photo contest, hopscotch. Also, our co-founders served drinks to our colleagues during one Happy Hour and we have organized various knowledge/sharing events, lectures and other activities aimed at the improvement of the results and relationships between colleagues.”


Why did you decide to join the International Week of Happiness at Work?

Last year, we celebrated International Week of Happiness at Work for the first time because we wanted to raise awareness of the importance of this topic through various activities and we also wanted to have a positive impact on our followers and the environment by publishing these events on social media.


What do you plan to do during the International Week of Happiness at Work?

This is going to be our second year to celebrate International Week of Happiness at Work. During that week, every day we will organize a different surprise for our colleagues that will include Happiness at work workshop, Pocho workshop – Positive feedback, Happy Pancakes Friday, knowledge sharing event, movie night (popcorn and some happiness at work video), etc.


What message do you want to send to the world?

If you want a happy business, make a better world.



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