The International Week of Happiness at Work is celebrated in…


During the International Week of Happiness at Work, a number of worldwide events take place, as the online Happiness at Work Unconference (link for registration will follow soon) and the yearly Happiness at Work Summit. Register now for free and get access to a ton of valuable content. This year with different topics like Psychological Safety, Diversity and Inclusion, Mental Health, and many more…


Take a look at the local websites here:


Home of the International Week of Happiness at Work, the Dutch organize a very inspiring and highly active week, filled with workshops, online events, webinars, panel discussions, and so on all over the country, by numerous practitioners. Inside organisations, many events will take place, read more of their stories on the Dutch website. For the fourth time in 2021, we will organize the yearly Unconference about Happiness at Work, this year again online. More info: (in Dutch).


The best Waffles in the world, famous beer, Vlaamse frieten, wouldn’t that make you happy? No, it wouldn’t. Well, for the moment it would… maybe. But in Belgium, they do know how to improve Happiness at Work. Take a look  at (in Dutch) or  (au francais)



During the International Week of Happiness at Work, Paleta znanj will organize different events on Happiness at Work, find out more here.



The International Week of Happiness at Work for Switzerland is organized by SoHappy, Umanize, New Attitude, Job Crafting, Outplace Yourself, Happitude at work, Teleos Leadership, People Up, VK Coaching, Daag, Happiness Factory and many more will contribute to the happening.  

Feeling like joining us? Visit


Italy: In Italy you are welcome to join several initiatives, go and find out what suits you! #greatorganisation


France: Read more about the French team here

And visit their website with workshops, events, talks, and many more:


Croatia: Want to know what’s going on in Croatia during the International Week of Happiness at Work? Partner since 2019 More info here.


Austria: In 2020 Austria will join the movement of the International Week of Happiness at Work. Please keep an eye on the website for more news and events and to sign the Manifesto in German!


Portugal is a happy country that will join the International Week of Happiness at Work in 2020. Check it out here:


Canada: find more about the International Week of Happiness at Work in Canada here:


Brazil: In 2020 Brazil joins the movement. Check out their website here:


Hungary: Hungary is joining the cause with webinars and meditation sessions for both individuals and organizations. You can also sign the Manifesto translated to Hungarian. Check out the website. (since 2020)


Paraguay: Paraguay kicked their first year in 2020 off with an amazing program, and does so ever since! Check this out!


Turkey: in 2021 Nilay and her team decided to join the movement! Find out more on the local website:


United Kingdom:

In 2021 the UK launched the official website for the UK:, WHOOPIE! #welike



The Icelandic website is launched in 2021:


North America

More on the 2021 North America event here.

Or this website. 



Romania joined the movement end of 2021. Check out their website for 2022:


Other initiatives and countries

‘Happiness is serious business,’ says Martín Leroy. Check it out on the website!


Czech Republic: The organizers of the amazing Happiness at Work conference in Prague will also host the International week of Happiness at Work in Czech. More info here:


Hong Kong
In Hong Kong, TGI Monday ( and Happeace will organize all sorts of fun and happy events that would bring employees and their families happiness!


Malaysia: take a look at the program:


During the International Week of Happiness, Coffee Wagera in Karachi organized talks and activities related to Happiness at Work. Mush Panjwani  the founder of Coffee Wagera is a certified Happiness at Work trainer from Woohoo Academy Denmark, a motivational speaker, and an author. If you are in Karachi, follow them on Facebook for details.


United Kingdom: 

Laughology in the UK is one of our long time partners:



In Germany in 2021 one of our partners, Quinyx, organizes several things for Quinyx globally and a workshop on What you can do for Happy Employees (in  German, you can register here) And check this page for the Happiness Calendar.


HP Deutschland also has a full program in 2021, more about that on our newssection.





















New Zealand


Saudi Arabia


Singapore (since ’21)


United Arab Emirates