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Home of the International Week of Happiness at Work, the week starts with an Openingtalk by Henry Stewart, Author of the Happy Manifesto. Followed by the Annual Unconference on Happiness at Work in Amsterdam, on the topic on how to make a change to make Happiness at work a top priority. The rest of the week is filled with company visits, workshops, meet-ups, inspirational sessions, drinks, and more fun. More info: (in Dutch).

‘Happiness is serious business,’ says Martín Leroy. Check it out on the website!

The best Waffles in the world, famous beer, Vlaamse frieten, wouldn’t that make you happy? No, it wouldn’t. Well, for the moment it would… maybe. But in Belgium, they do know how to improve Happiness at Work. Take a look  at (in Dutch) or  (au francais)

In Hong-Kong, TGI Monday! is already committed to partner with employees and companies to make their worklife and workplace happier. On this special week, they encouraged their clients to testify about their initiatives and have their doors open to inspire those starting their happiness at work journey. Keep connected to get more information on


During the International Week of Happiness, Coffee Wagera in Karachi organized talks and activities related to Happiness at Work. Mush Panjwani  the founder of Coffee Wagera is a certified Happiness at Work trainer from Woohoo Academy Denmark, a motivational speaker, and an author. If you are in Karachi, follow them on Facebook for details.



During the International week of happiness Paleta znanj will present the results of the research that has been going on in September and it is about good days at work. We will also present some stories from people that are happy at work, have some articles in national newspapers and magazines and we will host the first webinar on happiness at work in Slovenia. We are also promoting the 21 day challenge for more happiness at work we created last year and can be found on our web page. A week before we are going to be a part of the HR Meet up presenting the strategies for more happiness at work. Maja and Petra from Paleta znanj are also speaking at the Global Online Summit on Happiness at Work.

There is a special webpage set up for this week and it is in Slovene.



The International Week of Happiness at Work for Switzerland will take place from 23 to 27 September 2019 in Lausanne and Geneva and, for the most connected of us, online. The week will offer an abundance of workshops and webinars delivered by local experts on thematic as diverse and rich as Coaching, Sophrology, Yoga, Aromatherapy, Stress management, Positive psychology, Improcoaching, nonviolent communication, spirituality…with a happy End whose WOW effect is highly anticipated. SoHappy, Umanize, New Attitude, Job Crafting, Outplace Yourself, Happitude at work, Teleos Leadership, People Up, VK Coaching, Daag, Happiness Factory and many more will contribute to the happening.  

Feeling like joining us? Visit

Take a look at the agenda to visit one of 34 workshops.


Malaysia: take a look for the program and info:


United Kingdom: 


Italy: In Italy you are welcome to join several initiatives, go and find out what suits you! #greatorganisation


France: Read more about the French team here

And visit their website with workshops, events, talks and many more:



In 2019, right before the International Week of Happiness at Work, Kasia Kern organised a Happiness at Work Conference in Krakaw, with ao Alexander Kjerulf, Maartje Wolff, Fennande van der Meulen, Sarah Metcalf, Griet Deca.

During the Week you could attend the Happiness at Work Conference in Warsaw. The happiest week of the year!



The USA is on board in this movement: take a look at the website for more info:


Czech Republic: The organizers of the amazing Happiness at Work conference in Prague will also host the International week of Happiness at Work in Czech. More info here:


Croatia: Keep an eye on Mirna if you want to know what’s going on in Croatia during the International Week of Happiness at Work! More info here.


Austria: In 2020 Austria will join the movement of the International Week of Happiness at Work. Please keep an eye on the website for more news and events and to sign the Manifesto in German!


Portugal is the happy country that will join the International Week of Happiness at Work in 2020. Check it out here:



















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