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Working from home has a lot of disadvantages: missing our colleagues, not spending time at the coffee machine with a chit chat, no one to have lunch with, and the coffee machine at home is even closer to my laptop than it is at the office. This might sound like an advantage, but it is not. It means that I move even less than when I am at the office. I am totally absorbed in my tasks, often forget lunch, and forget to move at all. Recognizable?

Here’s a solution

Yesterday I was at a day-long online conference where we learned (among a lot of other things) a great exercise, that I would like to share with you: the You Want To Live Exercise. Sounds great already, right? YES I want to live. I enjoy life. I just do not enjoy the muscles in my shoulders. So here is the solution. You can do this standing up or sitting down.

  1. You: stretch your arms. BREATH
  2. Want: arms next to you, hands up BREATH
  3. To: arms to the sides BREATH
  4. Live: arms in your sides, hands pointing outwards BREATH

Voila, that’s it. Do it a couple of times and I am sure your muscles in your shoulders will love you too.




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