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New in 2020: The first online CHIEF HAPPINESS OFFICER Coach Camp, connect with other practitioners and enthusiasts about Happiness at Work for a 4-hour session filled with peer-to-peer learning, inspiration and connection.

But hold on… a Chief Happiness Officer Coach Camp… a what?

Let us tell you the story. In 2018, when we spoke for the second time at the Agile India Conference, the biggest conference in Asia, we joined the Agile Coach Camp. We already knew (and loved) the concept of Open Space Technology, and knew that OST was in the basis of Coach Camp, but did not really have a clue what we could expect. We were lucky that the original founders from over 12 years earlier, Naresh and Deb, were facilitators for this particular camp.  It turned out to be one of the best experiences we ever had. Although we felt exhausted because of the long journey and the time difference, we were totally happy, energized, with a bunch of new friends, and full of ideas and inspiration. We went straight to bed afterwards… and couldn’t sleep for hours. Since then, we love to join Agile Coach Camps (even though we are not Agile Coaches), both in real life as online. Following in their footsteps (thanks Naresh and Deb! And Paul for the online inspiration) we want to use this concept and bring it to you, the community of Happiness at Work Practitioners, CHO’s, experts, HR, Culture and People Officers, managers and other enthusiasts about Happiness at Work. In 2020, we will of course do all this online.


Our goal: Growing a Community of CHO’s

CHO Coach Camp is about creating a network of practitioners in Happiness at Work who are striving to push the limits in helping companies build Positive work cultures and enhance Happiness at Work, while staying true to the values and principles of the Happiness at Work movement: that people are at the heart of everything and that Happiness at Work has four pillars: purpose, people, progress and positivity. We invite practitioners who, like you, are passionate about their work, active in the field, and willing to share what they’ve learned.


Is this for you?

Do you have a technique or practice worth sharing with your peers? Or an idea you’d like to test out with some leaders in the community? Are you facing challenges and want to get some perspective from other practitioners, or hear how they do things? Want to connect to others, talk, discuss, explore ideas, then this Online conference is for you. If you prefer a conference where you can sit and listen to expert lectures, this isn’t it. There are no speakers, only participants. Do you prefer to sit back and relax and hear some great talks from experts in the field, then join the Global Online Happiness at Work Summit here for free! Or better, do both 😉

How does it work?

CHO Coach Camp is a practitioner-run conference for peer-to-peer learning and exploration. It’s your conference, so there will be no agenda until you arrive! We will create it collaboratively. We use the OpenSpace meeting format, which means you, the participant, determine the topics and questions that you want to talk about. We’ll create our agenda at the beginning of the meeting and people will then join the small group discussions that interest them. Open Space is all about self-organizing and empowered teams. Open Space will allow YOU and other participants to bring to the conference the issues and opportunities that are emerging for you in real-time. For some of you this will also be a first opportunity to experience Open Space, but not to worry, we will be there to guide you. We are sure you’ll it just as much as we do!


You don’t have to be an expert to propose a topic or ask a question at CHO Coach Camp You are simply inviting people into a conversation with you – other people who are also passionate about your topic or question. These conversations can build knowledge, and often lead to future collaborations; Open Space is great for networking! It has the feel of a good coffee break, where people are free to come and go from conversations as they please, yet it has a structure that helps you to know what conversations are happening so that you can join up with people interested in the same things as you.


So, are you ready for an afternoon of inspiration, connection, and active learning? Then register now!


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