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Shirley Morley, Business Support Assistent in Leeds, UK, emailed us today with inspiration that we would love to share with you. And, Shirley would be happy to get more inspiration, so send us your ideas and examples to share!

“I was assigned the task of keeping the Healthy Minds Board updated with a weekly quotation and other items,” she told us. “This has had to be done by email since March with most staff now working from home. I have scoured the internet for useful ideas and themes for the weekly emails to my colleagues. I wanted to try and lift their mood, encourage, motivate them and make them smile, laugh. At one point when the weather was particularly bad I sent out some Work Survival Kits. These were received very gratefully and one colleague even said the kindness had ‘brought her to tears’!

Attached are photos from when I was making up the Survival Kits. It was something I saw on the internet and thought would be able to make up myself for minimal cost. I’m not sure if they would have been available during Lockdown.  I colour co-ordinated the stars and paperclips and if I knew someone liked a certain colour I tried to use it.

For the Healthy Minds Board, I asked colleagues to bring in pictures/photos of things they liked and made them smile.  It was changed every quarter and to match the seasons.  Below is a list of the kind of things that were on it:
*  A small plastic bottle with water and a fresh  flower and a note saying ‘take time to smell the flowers’
*  Old greetings card with a nice picture of a cup and saucer, the cup was full of beautiful roses
*  Photo of a puppy
*  Photo of colleagues on a recent night out
*  Photo of a colleagues grandchild in the bath covered entirely in bubbles
*  Colourful autumn leaves

I would also put on notices about the Healthy Minds Group and any event that was taking place.  The board was mounted with coloured paper and decorated with flower stickers.”


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