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The International Week of Happiness at Work in your country?

We just love the idea that the International Week of Happiness at Work spreads over the world. That Happiness at Work will be a priority for governments, organizations, employees, and employers. Do you support this idea? Then join the movement and organize the Week of Happiness at Work in your country.


List of participating countriesList of participating countries


Step 1: go to your local domainsupplier (like or any other) claim/buy the URL www.internationalweekofhappinessatwork.<your extension>

Step 2: translate the Happiness at Work Manifesto to your language (there is no copyright, but please refer to the,  create your own Manifesto or use the Manifesto of Woohoo Inc (download it here). Gather signatures to create momentum! Put all signatures on the website and continue to do so… forever.

Step 3: make a plan! What kind of week do you want this to be? Just to give you some ideas: in The Netherlands, we have different events:

a. company visits: “does your company have a great track-record on Happiness at Work and do you want to inspire others with your ideas? Open your doors and tell how you implemented Happiness at Work, what you do”.

b. organize workshops on the topic: “are you an expert on Happiness at Work? Then give a talk, workshop, meet-up, game, anything”.

c. In-company events: we say: “Do you want to put Happiness at Work on the agenda in your company? Then use this week to give your plans a kickstart. If you organize The Week of Happiness at Work in your company, you can start the week with a Happiness breakfast and inspiration session on Monday, do a lunch session on “sharing happy stories” on Tuesday, a workshop on giving feedback on Wednesday, a Run for Happiness & Vitality on Thursday and finish the Week with a discussion panel & drinks on Friday. Whatever fits your company, culture, and timings.”

Step 4: Find partners. Who wants to join? The more companies join, the happier we all get.

Step 5: Send us a link to your local website, so we can gather all initiatives on the website

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