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Celebrating the International Week of Happiness at Work with special activities can create a memorable and meaningful experience for your remote team. Here are the 20 best ideas for remote team to celebrate the International Week of Happiness at Work: a week-long celebration focused on the 4 pillars of Happiness at Work: Purpose, People, Progress and Progress, and positivity.


Day 1: Pillar People: Connection and Kickoff

  1. Virtual Breakfast Meetup: Start the week with a virtual breakfast where team members share their favorite breakfast recipes and eat together.
  2. Team Icebreaker Games: Use icebreaker games like Two Truths and a Lie to help team members get to know each other better.
  3. Invite an Inspiring speaker to explain the 4 pillars of Happiness at Work and how to implement them in your team


Day 2: Pillar Purpose 

  1. Purposeful Pledge: Encourage team members to make a pledge about how they’ll infuse more purpose into their work during the week.
  2. Passion Project Hour: Allow team members to dedicate an hour to work on a project they’re passionate about, even if it’s unrelated to their regular tasks.
  3. Collaborative storytelling: Let the team build a story around your team purpose together, every member adds to the story of the person before him


Day 3: Pillar Progress

  1. Progress Check-ins: Schedule one-on-one meetings with team members to discuss their career goals and growth.
  2. Skill Swap Session: Organize a session where team members can teach a skill or share their expertise.
  3. Spotlight on Success: Showcase a team member’s significant achievement and celebrate it as a group.


Day 4: Pillar Positivity 

  1.  Compliment Chain: Start a chain of compliments where each team member compliments the person who joined the team most recently.
  2. Organize a chair yoga session: everyone can join from home
  3. Go for a long walk during lunchtime with a colleague on the phone to chat about anything but work
  4. Organize a virtual cooking workshop: everyone cooks in their own kitchen the same recipe with the chef and the team on Zoom. Share what goes wrong and what your dish looks likes and how it tastes. Eat the dish with your family


Day 5: Celebration and Reflection

  1. Virtual Awards Ceremony: Create humorous or meaningful awards for team members and present them during a virtual awards ceremony.
  2. Gratitude Circle: Have everyone share something they’re grateful for within the team, highlighting positive aspects of working together.
  3. Vision Board Presentation: Team members present their vision boards created earlier in the week and discuss their aspirations.


Throughout the Week: Daily Positivity Challenges

  1. Share a daily challenge related to happiness at work, such as “send a thank-you note” or “share a work-related meme.”
  2. Happiness Journal: Encourage team members to maintain a happiness journal where they jot down what made them happy each day.
  3. Happiness Playlist: Collaboratively create a playlist of uplifting songs that team members can listen to during work hours.
  4. Virtual Happy Hour: Host a virtual happy hour with games, trivia, or a mixology class to unwind and socialize.


After the Week:

  1. Action Plan: Have each team member outline specific actions they will take to maintain and promote happiness at work moving forward.
  2. Buddy System: Establish a buddy system where team members check in on each other’s well-being regularly.
  3. Resource Hub: Create a digital hub with resources on happiness, well-being, and personal growth for ongoing reference.
  4. Feedback Loop: Implement a system for continuous feedback on the team’s happiness initiatives.
  5. Happiness Ambassador: Designate a team member as the “Happiness Ambassador” responsible for keeping the happiness focus alive.

These are our more than 20 Best Ideas for a Remote team to celebrate Happiness at Work. They  aim to create a holistic and celebratory experience for your remote team during the International Week of Happiness at Work, fostering a positive and fulfilling work environment.


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