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A guest blog by Aurelie Litynski, 5 Ways to Add Happiness to Your Business Emails

We all have our own style of writing and sending business emails.

It can be super formal, straightforward, too direct – or too friendly.


Sometimes, we don’t even realize how the people on the other side perceive us. Reading our emails, they might think we’re aggressive, mean, or bossy. And then, when they meet us and have a real conversation, they say, “Hey, you are nothing like your emails make you sound!”


One of my clients recently experienced this. Her new colleagues had a completely different picture of who she was until they met her face-to-face because her emails were so direct.


So, what’s the solution to ensure you don’t sound too negative in your emails, even if your message is difficult to send?


💡 Add a bit of happiness to your business emails!


Here are five things to try:

🟡 Add a pleasant & personalized greeting

For example:

  • Hey, [Name], happy Monday! / Happy Friday!
  • I hope you had a great weekend!
  • I hope you’re having a positive week!
  • I’m eager to get your advice on [subject].
  • How did [recent project] turn out?
  • I loved your recent [photo/article/social media post].
  • I was just thinking about you and [shared memory].


🟡 Add a sense of humor (if it’s appropriate)
  • I hope you’ve had your coffee already!
  • Hello from the other side 👋
  • Hi, it’s me again, but don’t worry – I’ll keep it short!
  • Hello, my favorite colleague…


🟡 Use emojis to express your emotions (= digital body language) 

Depending on the context, emojis can be an effective way for us to express our emotions and body language digitally. Use them as punctuation!


For example, adding an emoji makes a positive difference to how you read these two sentences:


“Thanks for the meeting today”

  1. “It was a great meeting – thanks for your input 👍”

Here, the emoji reinforces the recognition you are trying to give.


These are the emojis I use the most when I’m sending business emails:

  • To reinforce positivity/celebrate success: 😀- 👍- 🙌 – 👏- 🤩 – 🥳 – ☀️
  • When I have a request/I’m sharing a challenge: 🤪- 🙃 – 🙏- 🙈 – 🙂


Do not add emojis at the end of every sentence in all your emails!

Instead, choose the right moment (not to mention the right audience!) to express your emotions and body language with emojis.


It can be hugely successful when done well. Give it a try!


🟡 Add encouragement/recognition/positivity 

Receiving positive feedback/recognition/praise from others helps us feel seen and gives us a sense of having achieved something. It motivates us to keep working to a high standard. It’s a form of positive reinforcement.


Positive sentences in an email can change the tone of the email and influence how the receiver responds to it.


Here are a few examples you can use, depending on the context:

  • Thank you so much for your help 🙏
  • I really valued your help on this project
  • Your support is making such a difference
  • We are such a great team 😀
  • You’re doing a great job 👏
  • I realize how complex the project is, and I really appreciate your hard work
  • You inspired the whole team with your ideas today – great meeting!
  • I really valued your insights during the meeting today – thanks for raising that point
  • Well done!
  • You can do it!
  • Sending you positive vibes for your presentation today


🟡 Finish on a positive note 

The way you wrap up your email is super important. It’s like saying goodbye when you meet someone face-to-face.


Remember to end your message politely or add kind words where appropriate. You could try writing:

  • Wishing you a happy day!
  • I hope you have a positive and productive afternoon!
  • Enjoy your lunch break!
  • Have a wonderful week!
  • I wish you a successful day!
  • Wishing you a well-deserved rest this weekend!
  • Let’s catch up again soon – it would be great to see you!


No matter what your email is about (even if you’re sharing something challenging, asking someone to do something, setting a new task, etc.), it shouldn’t stop you from adding kindness and positivity to your email.


Of course, you must consider your audience and choose what’s appropriate for the receiver. Obviously, you wouldn’t send the same things to new clients or your boss as you would to, say, a close colleague.


In those situations, it can be tricky to strike the right balance between kind, funny, and professional. Think about your greetings, use of emojis, positive reinforcement, and kind words 😅

And remember: it’s not about making the email twice as long and sending fake positivity. My best tip is to keep it simple and mean what you say for maximum results.


Less is sometimes more!


🤔 Need more inspiration to write a funny & different out-of-office? I recently wrote an article about it! It might be helpful for your next vacation – Have a look:

Let’s spread more happiness in our emails!

Stay Happy & Healthy

Written by:
Aurelie Litynski
Positive Work Culture Expert
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