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Have you planned the annual – but this year online – Christmas drinks yet? Our schedules are filled with drinks and fun meetings towards the end of the year. And at the same time, we suffer from serious Zoom fatigue and do not want to be online. Now that’s quite a challenging combination. Here you find five of our best ideas to end the year with your team and have some fun. A bit offline and a bit online.

Christmas dinner big and small

The whole team gathered at a large table for Christmas dinner, that’s not gonna happen this year. What can we do to get the feeling of cooking and being together nevertheless? At Netive VMS they’ve come up with the perfect solution: in small groups of 3 – 4 people, they’ll cook and have dinner at someone’s house. It works like this: all employees have been asked beforehand if they 1. want to cook for themselves at home (without colleagues), 2. want to cook for themselves and be a host for 1 – 2 colleagues, 3. want to eat at someone’s place. Groups of 3- 4 people (including partners, because partners are allowed to join in for dinner) have been made. If you have chosen option 1, you cook for yourself (and partners/roommates). In the week before Christmas dinner, you pick up a box with all the ingredients at the office. On the big day of the Christmas dinner, everyone who is going to cook comes together in Zoom, with a professional cook. The cook gives instructions, shows how to cook dinner, and helps with problems. So everyone is cooking at the same time. Laptop in the kitchen, stir in the pots and pans and watch what your colleagues are doing. And then it’s dinnertime. Some colleagues come to visit, others receive a colleague, and others do it all by themselves. Whatever makes you feel good. I can’t wait to see the pictures!


The Big Celebrate-Succes quiz

Pub quizzes are immensely popular these days, fun facts about your team, the organization, the news, who knows his colleagues and the news best? Traditionally, this time of year is also the time to look back on the past year. And, with the addition that we like to make, look back at the successes. What went well this year? What are we proud of? What obstacle did we overcome? Combine these two good ideas into one! And organize a pub quiz about the successes of the past year. This way you’ll put the spotlight on the positive stuff. You’ll be amazed at how many successes there are to celebrate. And this also stimulates to share more of what went well, next year.


Do good, together

Did you know that in the Netherlands only 200,000 people celebrate Christmas alone every year? Many elderly people feel lonely at this time. Receiving a nice card for Christmas helps. For the Christmas drink you might send a package with a drink and a snack to your teammates by mail. To make this Christmas drink even more worthlwhile, add 5 Christmas cards. During the drinks on Zoom, you write a message for an elderly person on the cards. Brainstorming together about what you are going to write makes doing something good fun. Send the cards to an elderly home near the office or near your home.


Unexpected presents

Getting presents is always fun, especially if it’s a surprise and you don’t know who the present is from! Draw straws (for our Dutch friends: and buy a small present for someone else. Add a little note to it with what you appreciate so much in your colleague and send it by mail. During the Christmas drinks, you unpack the presents together and everyone reads the note.


Connecting hands during Zoom
What we miss most during this Corona crisis is feeling connected to each other. Of course, online contact is never like a real encounter. But with this exercise, you have a lot of fun and still feel connected with each other. It goes as follows. Good to know in advance: in Zoom everyone is on the screen in a different way. Whoever is sitting at the top right on your screen, can be at the bottom right on someone else’s. One of the participants is the leader of the group. This person instructs each participant to keep the right hand left, right, above or at the bottom of the screen. Same for the left hand. This way you can connect all participants with their hands. The leader takes a picture or print screen when everyone is connected. Do you have a large group in your Zoom? Then make BO rooms of 12 – 20 people. The Break Out rooms that is the first to put a photo in the chat, has won. A picture below to show you how this works. Have fun (we sure did!).


Have some great ideas too? Let us know! 

connecting hands


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