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Article contributed by Rosa Joneses, exclusively for the International Week of Happiness at Work

Many people spend their day feeling stressed, disengaged, and unhappy at work; Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace 2023 revealed that about 59% of people do not feel engaged in their jobs, while 44% experience stress during work hours. Due to these feelings of unhappiness, the number of respondents who think it’s a good time to search for a new job rose from 45% last year to 53% this year. Gallup stated that this increase is good because it shows that deeply unhappy workers have the initiative to leave bad workplaces and find a career they like.

However, finding a satisfying job from the get-go isn’t easy. If you want to find a job that will truly make you happy, try doing these strategies:

Identify the factors that make you feel fulfilled

People want different things out of their jobs. Thus, you’ll first have to list the factors that make you feel more satisfied with your job.

Art Markman, a professor of psychology at the University of Texas at Austin, states that your “calling” is a key factor that may increase your satisfaction with work. You may feel happier showing up at work, working in an office surrounded by people. On the other hand, some may feel more fulfilled when they have the freedom to do their work without micromanagement or oversight. If you feel satisfied when your boss fully entrusts you to do a task, consider looking into roles where you can enjoy this type of freedom. Identifying the factors which make you feel most fulfilled will help you find the right role.

Looks for roles that can guarantee your job security

Job security is one of the most overlooked factors affecting your happiness at work. A study on ‘Happiness at Work’ stated that workers feel happier with their jobs when they are treated equally regarding their workload and job security. People want a secure job regardless of their position and pay, which is why job security can significantly affect their happiness at work.

In the modern world, many companies conduct lay-offs or downsizing and restructuring, so try to look for jobs that offer outplacement services. The outplacement services by LHH demonstrate that employees at all levels can get personal career coaching and be connected faster to new jobs through this service. Through this work benefit, entry-level workers, managers, and even executives can be assured that they can transition seamlessly to a different role during a mass lay-off. By looking for jobs that offer security for all positions, you’ll feel less stressed and worried even during crises.

Research the company culture of organizations

You can also narrow down your choices in your job search by assessing the culture of the organizations in your industry. Many companies are now recognized by bodies, like Great Place to Work, for their ability to make their employees feel fulfilled.

To illustrate, London-based learning provider Happy was recognized as one of the top 20 workplaces for five years in a row because of their commendable company culture. The company achieved this by allowing its staff to make their own work decisions, providing coaching benefits, and creating a no-blame culture. Employers have different types of cultures, so look for organizations with a culture that aligns with your preferences. Once you’ve found one, look into the company’s job openings and apply to get yourself into a role that can potentially make you happier.

Ask current employees about their experiences

It can be difficult to judge a role based on a job posting or a company website. If you want to be 100% sure about a certain position, try asking a company’s current employees about the role.

You can easily reach out to employees through job platforms and social media channels. To illustrate, the job finding website Indeed has a section where interested parties can ask former or current employees about the company or a role. You can also use LinkedIn to connect with workers from the organization and ask them about their experiences with their current company. Through this initiative, you identify which jobs can bring fulfillment and which don’t align with your preferences.

You don’t have to subject yourself to stress and discontentment every day. You should make an effort to search for a job that makes you happy so that you can land a role that can make you feel satisfied for a long time.




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