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Psychological Safety is extremely important when we think about happiness at Work. In fact, you can even ask if happiness can exist without Psychological Safety. That’s why we made this one of the topics of the Happiness at Work summit 2021. We discuss it with people from all over the world, to find out if we can find a shared definition, and what the ideas are about what we can do.

Plus we have a more in-depth conversation with Ellen Grove, the managing director of the Agile Alliance. How do Agile working and Psychological Safety go together, or are they even the same?

Furthermore, we crossed the channel to discuss Psychological Safety with David Bellamy, founder and CEO of Happinesslab, one of our long-term partners. He also wrote an awesome blog about the topic: read David’s blog here!

And today I spoke to Andy and Helen from the Happy Learning Co about their views on Psychological Safety in organisations.

For those of you who want more background, we have a video explaining the theory of Psychological Safety.

Do you want access to all of this, plus 5 other topics? Register for free access during the Week of Happiness at Work, or pay a small fee for year-round access.

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