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For HP happiness at work is something people talk about and act on. It started about a year ago. Juergen Oefinger and a few of his colleagues were convinced about the importance of this topic and started to initiate small things. Just little changes in their behavior. After they went to the Woohoo CHO academy they created their own internal training to become a happiness at work ambassador. A science and evidence based training on how to implement happiness at work in organisations.

HP Happiness at work Community

First they had to convince people to take part in the course, but now a year later, the training is fully booked. More and more people like to become an  happiness at work ambassador and the community within HP is growing. By now 450 people are trained. Also the management and top leadership is on board. They provide time and finance to conduct the program and to make it bigger.

HP International week of Happiness at Work

To create even more awareness and let the movement grow, HP also celebrates the International Week of Happiness at Work. The ambassadors organized a concern wide program with speakers, online and offline activities and several tools for people to use. Every day of the week has its own theme. Monday is about the opening of the week. Tuesday shines a light on ‘Emotional well-being in times of a crisis’. On Wednesday ‘Creating happier work’ is on the program. On Thursday it is all about ‘Inclusion, Diversity and Equity’. And on Friday the themes are ‘Mental Health related to happiness at work’ and ‘Fun at work’.

HP Website

The ambassador team set up a website for the event, based on the content of the International Week of Happiness at Work. They used the manifesto and motivate people to sign it. Without any promotion yet, more than 500 HP’ers already signed. There is so much enthusiasm on it.

Do you like to know more about how to initiate and grow an internal movement? Juergen Oefinger of HP tells about in an interview at the online Global Happiness at Work Summit. You can still register for free.

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