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The International Week of Happiness at Work supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG): Since 2015, the United Nations has been working on these 17 Sustainable Development Goals. With these goals, they aim to achieve a sustainable world for everyone by 2030, where no one is excluded. The goals apply to all countries and all people.

The (international) Week of Work Happiness actively supports goals 3, 5, 8, and 11:

3: Good health and well-being

5: Gender equality

8: Decent work, sustainable economic growth, and fair distribution of wealth

11: Sustainable, safe, and resilient cities and communities


Focus on Happiness at Work

By focusing on work happiness within organizations, we contribute to a healthier and more balanced work-life balance, with equal rights for men and women. Strong organizations ensure sustainable growth. Within and outside organizations, we are building a community of people who embrace work happiness and see it as a driver of success. More than 5,000 people from around the world have already joined this movement. Will you join us and prioritize employees in your organization? Sign the Manifesto for more work happiness here!


Implementation Progress

Every year, the UN Secretary General presents an annual SDG Progress report, which is developed in cooperation with the UN System, and based on the global indicator framework and data produced by national statistical systems and information collected at the regional level.


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