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A Coach Camp for Happiness at Work practitioners who are passionate about the topic, and willing to share what they’ve learned. Héðinn Sveinbjörnsson, Certified CHO from Iceland, immediately registered when he heard about it. We asked him why. 


Hedinn, we love it that you will join the CHO Coach Camp. What do you expect from this afternoon? And have you been to an Unconference/Coach Camp before? 

“As it is my first time at CHO Coach Camp I’m looking forward to meet fellow CHO’s from all over the world. The term Unconference, Coach Camp or Open Space format is exiting as it is participant-driven and less organizer-conventer-driven. Of course pre-planning is essential but there simply is much less pre-planning.”


What do you hope to get from the afternoon?

“To meet and greet fellow CHO’s from all over the world, learn about there experience and maybe failures in the process. Is happiness@work different in other countries (continents) and do leaders embrace it in the same way?”


What do you hope to bring to the other participants? 

“I hope that we all will bring camaraderie, a sense of belonging and happiness to the virtual table 😊”


Do you plan to do other things during the week of H@W?

“I’m really going to soak in everything planned by the organizers because there are so many interesting people talking about the subject in hand. During the week I will post interesting stuff about happiness@work as everybody need some happiness boost right now.”


What else can you tell about Happiness at Work that might help us?

“Authenticity, vulnerability and perseverance are key elements in my mind for happiness@work. Be yourself, be H O T (humble, open, transparent) and hang in there – it’s a marathon 😊”


Anything else you want to share?

I would be honored if my fellow CHO’s would check out my podcast Tribute2Happiness where the topic is happiness@work, @home and in life! Great guests talking about a great topic. 😊


Find Hedinns podcast here

If you want to contact Hedinn regarding the podcast, this is his e-mail


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