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Find out now: Iceland’s program for the International Week of Happiness at Work


From 25 – 29th September 2023, Iceland joins the world in celebrating the International Week of Happiness at Work. It’s a time to reflect on the importance of happiness in the workplace and how it contributes to our overall well-being and productivity.

Iceland’s Chief Happiness Officer is curating an agenda that examines the various contributors and topics that can effect happiness at work.

  • David Bellamy, CEO of Harkn – The Hidden Power of Employees’ Voices
  • Oleg Konovalov – Vision: the Positivity of the Future
  • Kevin Monroe – Gratitude: The Key That Unlocks Workplace Happiness
  • Sarah Ratekin – Silver Threads: Stitching Together a Happier Workplace with Micro-Appreciation
  • Mike Klein – Clarity, the foundation for happiness at the workplace

There will be more contributors on the agenda but these have, to date, all agreed to partizipate. All talks will be on Zoom and registration will take place in the beginning in September.

One does not get appointed as a nation’s chief happiness officer. It’s a choice of how
I want to serve my country and community. It’s about addressing something critical missing in society. Please check my new website for more information.

Remember to take a moment to appreciate our colleagues and the positive impact they have on our work lives.


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