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We asked Annia Piacentini…
“We discovered it in 2018, in 2019 we planned the first International Conference of Genuine Happiness at Work, and in September we continued to create culture and awareness with the International Week of Happiness at Work. The goal was to create trust and to motivate HR Managers, Entrepreneurs, and General Managers about the importance of creating a real happy company.”

What’s on the program this year?

“This year we have 5 laboratories in the morning and 5 conferences in the afternoon: each day we change the specific theme.
  • Monday is about values and trust;
  • Tuesday is about feminine leadership as different energy for leading companies;
    Wednesday is about innovation mindset and the importance to transform failure;
  • Thursday is about challenges balanced in other words to assign goals that are balanced to competencies and motivation;
  • Friday is about the new way to improve MBO for leaders based on positive psychology.”

Is Happiness at Work widely adopted in Italy?

“So and so: many companies have programs about happiness and engagement but rarely does this include leadership style and empower all employees on define strategies based on wellbeing needs.
For sure the experience of Covid19 has improved the awareness… but sometimes it’s hard to change the mindset.”

Do you have some practical tips to increase happiness in the workplace?

“Yes of course: many of our customers are investing in recognizing the unicity as the opportunity to understand why people are so different for needs, time, priority, and how much our brain and mind can fail for cognitive bias. In this case, we investigate the different talents of each team member and we help people to understand better their role and the specific value that each one can represent for the team.
This means investing in results!”

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