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The International Week of Happiness at Work Movement – More than five years ago we took the initiative to declare the last (full) week of September the Week of Happiness at Work. Our aim was to create a movement and make happiness at work and a positive work culture the rule not the exception. We started small, with only a website, a layout, a manifesto (starting points), and a few activities. We started talking about it, asked people to sign the manifesto, and asked people to join and organize events internally and for clients. We facilitated them with ideas, inspirations, tips, and tools and invited them to make it their own.

5 years later

Now five years later in 48 countries people join the movement and do things during the International Week of Happiness at Work. Nearly 4000 people signed the manifesto and made the promise to bring Happiness at Work and a Positive Work Culture a step further. We get messages from all over the world. This is proof that you can have an impact with just a few small steps.

7 Steps

If this is possible worldwide you can also do this in your company. Just keep the following 7 steps in mind:

  1. Make the topic relevant and inspirational – use language that fits your audience
  2. Put it on the agenda and start with storytelling
  3. Make a manifesto – put the starting points on paper and ask people to sign
  4. Give the example – do things and show what you are doing )walk the talk and talk the walk)
  5. Facilitate – launch a platform, provide a toolbox with communication tools
  6. Don’t own the movement, just initiate it and let people join, it is all about involvement and do it yourself
  7. Create a call to action – ask people what they are going to do and follow up!

You find more tips and content here!

Good luck!

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