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The day I decided to rearrange my closet, already years ago… I remember as a magical day. I am kind of a hoarder (at least, that is what my hubbie tells me), so throwing away clothes that are still OK to wear… ah.. no. I do not like it. However, when I read the book by Marie Kondo, I was easily persuaded. I took a whole Saturday afternoon, got everything out of the closet, (yes, it was a gigantic pile of clothes) and started sorting them. The only question I had to ask was: does it spark joy? If the answer was YES, then the item went back into the closet (sorted on color, mind you!) if a ‘no’ or a ‘maybe’, it went onto the pile to get rid of (sustainably of course). At the end of the afternoon my closet looked like a dream and I was SO happy! Up till this day I still sort my clothes on color and go over this proces regularly. (It by the way also helped me to buy less, a very positive side-effect.)

So, thinking about what sparks joy, is relevant when you think about your closet. However, it is also relevant when you think about work. How to declutter your work life and get more joy at Work, Cleaning up your desk, thinking about jobs to do first… Marie Kondo has an opinion about this too! Check out this video with the book summary here! 


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