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A couple of weeks ago we wrote a blogpost about the email we received from Kelly, who works at a hospice in Engeland and wanted to organize something during the International Week of Happiness at Work. And she did! And she send us pictures! That we loved so we definitely wanted to share them with you…

Here’s what she wrote:

‘We have all thoroughly enjoyed this week with the various activities/resources. We have done the following:

  • Heard some of those special talks from the summit for international happiness through the emails sent,
  • We did a positive affirmation board and a
  • Happiness at work awareness board
  • Happy/smiley faced badges and cupcakes – to raise awareness of the event
  • Thumball games to get to know colleagues better and encourage meaningful interaction and
  • A surprise random act of kindness brunch trolley that was sent around the hospice
  • As well as an awareness email highlighting steps to happiness

Thanks again for the support and encouragement to help to engage companies worldwide with this event

Kind regards

Kelly De Souza’



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