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Starting to build a happier workplace starts with three ingredients: Energy, Knowledge, and Tools. Let’s find out what we mean by that…

Energy has everything to do with motivation. Why do we want to improve happiness in our team? What do we gain if we improve our way of working together? The ‘what’s-in-it-for-us’ has to be clear, it motivates to get started. Then knowledge: what is happiness at work, why is it important, and how do you improve it? What are the pillars of Happiness at Work? A solid base is necessary. Last but not least, make it practical: which tools work and which don’t? Evidence-based. Because re-inventing the wheel never motivated anyone, experimenting with how to turn the wheel and make it work for you, did! So do you want to learn how to get the energy, knowledge, and tools to get started? Following a course would be something we recommend (one of the options is to do the Woohoo CHO Academy (in English, Spanish or Slovenian). And our other recommendation is: run the experiment! Try what works for you. And enjoy the ride….


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