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Nigeria celebrates International Week of Happiness at Work. This highlight was featured in the national newspaper! You can find it here. 

a guest blog from Olayinka Opaleye


For the first time, Nigeria will be joining the host of other countries across the globe to celebrate the International Week of Happiness at Work. Putting Nigeria on this global map of corporate wellness is truly a dream come true for us at Calme Pur Wellness, with a depth of gratitude to Happy Office for such a remarkable initiative and feature. With the self-awareness that Nigeria is not yet there regarding what organizations and government bodies have achieved in other parts of the world, we appreciate our baby steps and have chosen to celebrate the milestones. You would agree that it is a step in the right direction to identify organizations within the country that have done tremendous work in making their employees happy in their own thoughtful ways.

As organizations strive to achieve and be more target-oriented in deploying workplace wellness programs, the following seven companies deserve and reserve a special place in our hearts for their laudable initiatives to ensure their work environments are psychologically safe and healthy for their employees and relevant stakeholders.

NLNG Limited – this Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas company is a notable player in the global LNG business. The company was incorporated to harness the countries’ immense natural gas resources and produce Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) and Natural Gas Liquids. We applaud the organization this International Week of Happiness at Work for the innumerable corporate wellness programs they run to ensure staff engagement and promote participation while stimulating and creating a happy, safe, healthy work environment for them. They recently took corporate wellness e a step further with their EFAP (Employee Family Assistance Program) being aware of the causality between happiness at home and work.

Reliance HMO – this technologically driven health insurance providing company is the only HMO currently covering preventive care and therapies through health plans with gym, spa, and wellness checkups. Their unique value proposition has encouraged many organizations to sign up their workers for health and wellness insurance covers that promote happy and healthy active lifestyles.

Business Law Academy – an astute corporate finance law expert founded this law firm subsidiary. Commissioned to handle corporate commercial law transactions in public-private partnerships and infrastructure financing, the academy also took it upon itself to conduct an annual roundtable talk on safeguarding mental health in the workplace. These webinars have hosted top dignitaries in the country’s legal bodies, health and wellness experts, and leading law firms’ human resource managers. It seeks to sensitize reforms due to the need to put systems and structures in place to improve workplaces rather than the status quo.

ipNX & Premium Trust Bank – ipNX Nigeria Limited is an information technology company, while Premium Trust Bank is a financial institution, just as the name implies. Both organizations have taken the wellbeing of their staff members a bit further by encouraging a fit and active lifestyle through exercise and fitness programs at their offices.

TVC Communications – this leading media network operates two television stations and three radio stations nationwide. Knowing the importance of need-based corporate wellness initiatives, they made subsidized onsite daycare services available for return-to-work moms. As a working mom, I can only imagine the impact of this corporate gesture on any new mom, from the joy of returning to work, the relief of having the baby close by, to the peace of mind and ability to focus on the day’s work.

CWG PLC – Computer Warehouse Group is an IT solution provider specializing in various services like communications, integration, infrastructure, management, and other support services like cloud and software. This company is big on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Knowing well that equality is not necessarily the same as equity. The company gives everyone a fair opportunity as leaders to take up responsibilities with an adequate learning and mentorship culture.

The concepts of workplace wellness and happiness at work are new here in my country, coming with a viewpoint of an economy that is more cash/money-based than goodwill or other intangible assets. The recognized initiatives of the seven spotlighted organizations will not only spur them to do more but encourage more organizations to commit to making happiness at the workplace a norm and not an exception.

It may interest you that Nigeria has the highest number of tech unicorns and the fastest-growing tech ecosystem in Africa. It is the most robust economy in Africa, with the largest population of hardworking diaspora communities that have remitted over 65.3 billion US dollars in the past three years. Arguably, it is also home to the richest black man on the planet and some Afro-music icons like Burna Boy, Wizkid, and Davido.

Nigeria is significant in the grand scheme of things, especially on the global corporate wellness stage. We are hardworking and resilient people who need a re-orientation of work and work culture. We always thrive wherever we go, and this could be because we appreciate the happy work culture in the Western world. We hope to have a national work culture that engenders a psychologically safe and healthy work environment that enhances business growth and sustainability and makes companies outlive their founders into multiple generations after them.

Olayinka Opaleye is a Wellbeing Specialist and Corporate Wellness Strategist. She writes from Lagos, Nigeria. Her articles are published in a number of newspapers, fe this article on Culture: very interesting read! 


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