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Having a day without a phone, computer, socials, the news… we all know that this is good for our mental health. But do you..? Every year in December the organisations World Digital Detox Day organizes a day without well, all stuff digital 😉

So we were thinking… why wait until December? Why not use the opportunity of the International Week of Happiness at Work and organize a Digital Detox Day in your organisation? Too hard during the week? Then pick the weekend before or after the International Week of Happiness at Work. Sunday might just be the perfect day!

Here you can find more on the organisation and some tips on how to organize this day:

  1. Organize a session or motivational speech for how can we track & take control of screen time or mental wellness: Organize a wellness expert/speaker session to talk about mental health in person. If that is not an option, share tips&tricks on the intranet/slack etc
  2. Encourage yourself and others to sleep without watching TV, social media news, WhatsApp chat, and don’t forget to remove blue light.
  3. Celebrate the day with your favourite person by having a profound conversation without taking your mobile or any other gadgets in your hand.
  4. Go out for a lunch walk in the forest, or if you picked the sunday: visit any forest, resort, or wellness centre to spend the day with your family.
  5. Take a group pledge with your colleagues for living in the “real world” rather than the virtual world.
  6. Organize a mindfulness session during lunchtime
  7. Go out a day for dinner or lunch without any screen time during the meal.
  8. Visit a salon/ spa/ gym to enhance your physical beauty.
  9. Wishing your colleagues a “Happy World Digital Detox Day.” Explaining the theme of mental wellness to them. Encouraging them to do away with mobile phones, tablets, computers, and TV screens. Ask them to keep their phones away while going for a walk or run.
  10. Start your day with happy thoughts and encourage others to do this practice in your day-to-day life.

Do not stop here: organize a digital detox day at least once a month.

Who can participate in the activities of the World Digital Detox Day celebration?

Answer is EVERYONE! Who believes to educate the society to establish healthy relationships between humans.

Search the past events on the website or social handles and take a call according to your organization’s culture, time, and connections. We encourage registered venues to make activities accessible and inclusive to all, regardless of age, gender, or condition. We believe in #WellnessIsForAll.



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