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Do you want to discuss Happiness at Work with your colleagues this week? But not sure where to start? This is our favourite exercise ever. Here you go, try it out! And let us know what you think and how it went!

Make pairs. When in Zoom you can make Break Out rooms with 2, when online where BreakOutrooms is not an option, make pairs upfront and have people call each other.

One person asks the question first, usually the one with the biggest shoe size. The person with the smaller shoe size has two minutes to answer the question Then the other person asks the question. Again 2 minutes to answer.

The question is:

“Tell me about the best working experience you ever had, one that made you really happy. Be very specific: when was it, with whom were you, what happened exactly. It is important to be specific, so do not answer with ‘my colleagues make me happy’. We want to discuss a specific experience.”

After everyone answered the question in their smaller groups, let people share their experience.

Then ask: thinking back to this experience, what was it that made you so happy?

Make a list of what was mentioned.

Discuss; do we recognize this? How can we get more of this

Voila, there’s your starting point for a great discussion!  Have fun!




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