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Psychological safety is the most important factor in high-performing teams, and high-performing teams are happy. Research from Amy Edmondson shows that the basis for a positive work culture and more happiness at work is psychological safety. But what is it and what does psychological safety mean in different organisations all over the world? What are the stages of psychological safety? And how do you create psychological safety? Which behaviour is necessary, what tools can you use, and what does leadership have to do with it? What is the relationship between psychological safety and trust?

This year, Psychological Safety is one of the topic of the Global Happiness at Work Summit, that takes place during the International week of Happiness at Work. There will be interviews with for example Ellen Grove, Jennifer Moss, and David Bellamy, a how-to- video, cheatsheets and many more. Access to the Global Summit is free during the week of Happiness at Work.


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