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A guest blog by Eliza Goh

In Malaysia, The Happiness Firm is proud and happy to be an ambassador for the International Week of Happiness at Work (IWOHAW), and we are excited to run some initiatives. Being a specialist in happiness at work and having worked in this field since 2016, Eliza Goh, Founder and Chief Happiness Officer started joining the IWOHAW since 2019, when she organized events to celebrate this special week with her clients. Similarly, in 2020, she actively participated in a virtual Happiness at Work event organized by People 3.0 of Italy.


This year, Eliza was happy to be part of a ‘Fireside Chat’ event over Nooks with Griet Deca and Tia Graham, members of The Woohoo Partnership, together with Ozge Koca of Happ Consulting Services, where they gave their views from different parts of the world on an interesting topic – “Happiness (at Work) and Money”, which will be aired in the Global Happiness Summit, during the IWOHAW.


The IWOHAW event is a good time to bring awareness to more organizations to give more attention to happiness at work for their employees; understand what makes them happy and unhappy at work; and how to leverage on the advantage of the Science of Happiness at Work and Positive Psychology.


The pandemic has changed many things around the workplace but on the flip side, thanks to many individuals, leaders and companies around the world who believe in happiness at work and putting people first, is the new way of working. Self-care, well-being and human connections have never been more important due to the challenges of prolonged lockdowns and working remotely in many countries. Hence, at The Happiness Firm, we want to continue our vision to inspire and help more individuals, teams, and organizations to be happier at work.


Our initiative this year will emphasize how ‘Happiness at Work’ can contribute to psychological safety in the workplace, which is very important especially in facing challenges in the Post-Covid Era. We will organize virtual meet-ups with a few of our clients and continue to inspire more individuals to start on the happiness at work journey.




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