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One of my favorite authors and speakers, Adam Grant, wrote a powerful statement on LinkedIn this week: Resting is not a waste of time. It is an investment in well-being. Relaxing is not a sign of laziness. It’s a source of energy. Breaks are not a distraction. They’re a chance to refocus attention. Play is not a frivolous activity. It’s a path to connection and creativity.

At the time that I am writing this, we in the Netherlands are slowly getting back to work. Holidays are over, our hiking gear is stowed away, bikinis are washed and put back in the closet, the sup-board deflated and in the basement. Back to work! Soon all the good intentions of rest, enough sleep, healthy food are forgotten. But here’s why we shouldn’t! Copy the screenshot below and save it on your desktop!

(oh and do not forget: only 4 weeks to go till the International Week of Happiness at Work!)



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