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Webinar: Happiness at Work: Organisational myth or leadership reality? Wednesday 27 Sept 17.oo CEST

For the International Week of Happiness at Work join Fennande van der Meulen, Co-Founder of Happy Office and Woohoo Unlimited and Co-initiator of the International Week of Happiness at Work & Oriana Tickell Director of Happiness at Work at the iOpener Institute as they talk about the myths, and the reality of Happiness at Work.

The happiness team will draw on the latest data release from iOpener’s ongoing 12-year, 60,000 participants, 182 country Happiness at Work survey.

iOpener’s research and numerous academic papers tell us that performance and productivity start with happiness at work. Historically the data from the Happiness at Work survey reveals that the happiest employees when compared to their least happy colleagues:

– Take 1/10th the sick-leave

– Are 6 times more energized

– Intend to stay 2 times as long in their organization

– Are 2 times as productive


Join Fennande and Oriana for their exchange of thoughts, ideas, research as Happiness at Work specialists.

Throughout the hour they’ll tackle:

  • The Happiness at Work Survey – Background & purpose
  • Happiness at Work – more than just a positive attitude
  • Happiness Survey – latest data release
  • Happiness at Work – myth or reality for leaders
  • Happiness at Work – future direction for organisations

The link for registration will follow shortly. In the meantime: Take your own Happiness at Work Survey here

You will get a personal report with a clear insight in your happiness and coaching questions to improve.


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