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In 2020 Miriam Schmied from Paraguay contacted us: ‘can I organize something in my country during the International Week of Happiness at Work?’ Since this is a d0-it-yourself movement, we said: ‘Of course you can, do whatever feels good and fits your country best.’ In the second year they organize 10 online events, more than 10 hours of webinars and more than 10 national and international speakers!

The topics and speakers are:
The Art of Happiness at Work Betty Encinales
The Impact of Organisational Wellbeing on Business Results Matias Ordeix
What does a Happiness Manager do? Claudia Rodriguez
Mental Health and Psychological Containment in Organisations Patricia Casañas/Alicia Yegros
MotivAtion with Humour Alonso Pulido
Health is the basis of Happiness. Healthy companies Claudio D’Oliveira
6 keys to a culture of recognition Hernán Rocha
The importance of metrics in HR management and administration Hugo Rodriguez
Awards Social Power: Purpose, Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Volunteering Linda Taiyen and Natalia Ramirez
Measuring what really matters Pedro Abadía/Noemi Zozaya

Want to know more and join the events?


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