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At Menlo Innovations, a software company in the US, they do quite unexpected things. You shouldn’t be surprised to find employees walking around with baby carriers. Yes, with a baby in it. Employees always share one computer with two people: pair programming is standard procedure and teamwork is never optional. And when the CEO Rich Sheridan, is the first to arrive in the morning, he will clean the dishwasher, when he is waiting for his coffee to be brewed. Job interviews 1-on-1? No way. No questions, no resumé’s, but a meeting with several applicants and all Menlonians together. And if you apply for a job, during the meeting it is your job to get your fellow applicant to the next round. If you are able to do that, Menlonians believe you are good at working together.
Unexpected strategies and processes, that are built over time. Does someone have an idea? They say: ‘Let’s run the experiment.’ What works, they keep. What doesn’t work, well, they don’t keep it. Experimenting is in their DNA. And finding joy at work is the norm, not the exception.
In his talks, Rich describes his innovative ideas about management. He sees an organisation as a plane. What a company needs to be able to fly, is the lift of human energy. What propels it forward is the thrust of purpose, what pulls it down is the weight or gravity of bureaucracy, what pulls it backward, is the drag of fear. The last two should be diminished as far as possible. Because those two kill joy. And once your plane has the right speed: pull the handle, and with a positive attitude, you will fly! So no bureaucracy, no unnecessary rules, and a great sense of purpose at Menlo.
Their carefully build culture has cornerstones as innovation, serving others, and producing great results. This culture is also what is on the basis of how they work, even when they all work from home during Covid-19.
Rich himself is much better at sharing his ideas than we are. So come and listen to how he explains it during the Virtual tour on Wednesday 23th of September. 100% free and inspiration guaranteed. We promise you that you will also fall in love with this gentle and caring entrepreneur, grandfather, Menlonian, and innovator of a workplace of great joy.

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