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World Cleanup Day 2024 – The Friday before the International Week of Happiness at Work is World Clean up day, following the addition to the UN Calendar of International Days! With this day, the organization aims to activate 5% of the world’s population that will catalyse lasting societal change in behaviour around mismanaged waste. People from all sectors, from every nation, from all levels of society are welcome to join. Let’s do it – together!

A nice way to start the International Week of Happiness at Work, the Friday before. Stimulate your colleagues to go for a walk during lunch and pick up all the trash you find! Or organize a half day event with your team cleaning up the nearby park or beach. (Did you know that volunteering makes you happy AND is very effective for mental health?. Volunteering as a team is not only more effective, but also much more fun ;-)). Or join one of the local activities in your neighbourhood. Find out more here. 

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