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Right before the International Conference in Copenhagen, we got an email from France: ‘We want to join the International Week of Happiness at Work! Can we meet?’ Of course, we can! And so we did, in Copenhagen, where we had a coffee with Chloe to discuss all the options and ideas about the International Week of Happiness at Work in France. Together with 3 others, she did a great job. Meet the French team here!

Who are you and why do you believe in Happiness at Work?

We are a team of 4 freelancers coming from different backgrounds and with one interest in common: happiness at work. We are human-oriented and passionate about helping people to feel good at work.
We all have experienced working in big companies or startups and during these years we have come to notice a real trouble at many levels of the organization, something to be tackled down urgently as it is impacting directly employees’ well being on a day to day basis (bringing burn out, bore out and other psychological disorders).
Together we wanted to change things at work for the better so we decided to organize for the first time in France the Week of Happiness at Work.
We believe with the right tools and the good approach everyone can target and reach for happiness at work as long as all actors in the ecosystem (organization, colleagues, family….) are aligned to provide the best of themselves.

What do you do to enhance your own Happiness at Work? 

We all contribute to enhancing happiness at work according to our deep convictions.
Marie is convinced that communication and emotional intelligence are key to create a healthy and fulfilled team. In that perspective, she offers trainings in non-violent communication emotion management.
Christophe and Simon believe finding the right balance between personal and professional worlds is essential. They help people to execute their personal projects with serenity.
Chloé believes everyone is responsible for his own happiness. She creates workshops based on positive psychology discoveries to help people finding clues for happiness.

What do you plan to do during the week? When, where?

We already have a great program! You can participate by clicking here.
As it is an international week we also are organizing web conference calls with other Europeans countries! Poland, Portugal, Belgium, Switzerland and The Netherlands are already onboard. It is so exciting!

What can people expect during these events? 

Workshops, talks, conferences, games and many surprises will be organized! We believe the more people we gather, easier it will be to federate and make things happen for real! Company employees, managers, HR but also entrepreneurs and coworkers will be attending. We will break boundaries.
It’s going to be a real blast!

What message do you want to tell the world? 

Happiness at work is not a nice to have anymore. It is mandatory for everybody and every organization.
It is the key question for tomorrow’s businesses. A healthy and successful company is made by fulfilled employees only.

What is your happiness hint or tip for people?

Trust yourself and respect others! Be proud of who you are, your talents and believe in your ambitions! It is ok to be different, it is ok to reach for nothing or everything! Be nice with your entourage, try to understand and be understood. Express yourself without fear or frustration, you’ll see, it is going to be ok :).

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