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Last week we had a Skype call from the UK. Stephanie Davies called, to see if they could join the movement. Well of course! We shared some content with each other, chatted about our mutual purpose and how we could help each other. This is their message on the website, that made us laugh out loud. So we couldn’t just keep it to ourselves. Enjoy…

(the original message on their website is here)

“Hey International Week of Happiness at Work people, can we be friends?

Here at The National Happiness Awards HQ, we don’t just have Facebook friends, we have real ones too.

So, when we met two brilliant ladies from Amsterdam, Maartje Wolff and Fennande van der Meulen, who run an equally brilliant initiative called International Week of Happiness at Work, we wanted to be their real-life friends. Not just because they had extra-cool names, but because they’re doing great things. We also thought the European friendship would be a nice way to stick two fingers up at Brexit.

We used the good old-fashioned medium of email to say: ‘Hey International Week of Happiness at Work people, can we be friends?’ and guess what they said? Yes.

We spoke on Skype and the friendship was sealed. And in support of the great work Maartje and Fennande do, we want to shout about our friendship and ask who else wants to play?

If you’re interested in being part of International Week of Happiness at Work, you can sign up to their International Week of Happiness at Work manifesto here.

During the happiness at work week, we will also send out some free resources which you can use at work or in school to help bring happiness to your workplace. So stay tuned. And there is no time like the present to start making people happy. Why not get involved in the National Happiness Awards and nominate someone who helps make your workplace happy right now. It’s free, easy and will brighten someone’s day. Go on it’s Friday and you’ll look like your busy! NOMINATE NOW”




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