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The organizers of the Global Online Happiness at Work summit are very pleased with the line-up. Just announced, the full program is here, over 40 speakers from all over the world. Their insights, learnings, tips and inspiration are available for you for free! Register now, the summit starts on Monday 23 September.

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Day 1. Personal leadership, selfcare, vitality

This day is about:

* YOU and how you can be happier at work

* Taking responsibility for your own health and happiness at work.

* Personal change, growth, changing mindset.

* Everything that has to with being healthy, vital, getting enough sleep, energy, balance, food, exercise, yoga, mindfulness.

* How to avoid and deal with stress, burn-out.

* Starting day of the Summit, so we will also have the basics like the pillars of Happiness at Work and how to get started with your team.


Speakers and their topics:

  1. Onno Hamburger: Personal Leadership & Happiness
  2. Leo Bormans: The impact of happiness and well-being at work
  3. Emiliana Simon-Thomas, Science of Happiness and PERK model
  4. Marloes van Hoeve, How does Growth Mindset leads to A’s for mathematics and happiness
  5. Dr Yuval Tsu: How to craft the job of your dreams
  6. Stephen Dargan: How stress killed work and how employee engagement can save it
  7. Martin Leroy: Thank God It’s Monday
  8. Kim Hilgert: 7 Keys for wellbeing at work: a practical guideline
  9. Treasa Spragg: Happiness at Work & Sleep, Me & my melatonine, how this hormones makes you happier and healthier at work
  10. Harpreet Sandhu: Find your own Happiness
  11. Petra Božič Blagajac: Happiness at Work starts with me
  12. Annick Bleyen: 3 A model to start with Happiness@work in your organization
  13. Happiness Lab Demo


Day 2. Leadership & Teams

On this day we talk about:

* The power of leadership.

* What is good leadership, that leads to a happy workplace?

* What do leaders need to do, show?

* How can you as a leader, manager or employee help your team to be happier?

* The crucial role of leadership and how you as a leader can help to make teams happier.


Speakers and their topics:

  1. Monika Hilm: Put your people first and the rest will follow
  2. Arlette Bentzen: Leading with Happiness
  3. Marjolein van Eersel: The Power of Empathetic Leadership
  4. Henry Stewart: How to build a happy company
  5. Fennande van der Meulen, Using your mindset to create change
  6. Sasa Popovic: How to build a Happy Company
  7. Line Morbank: Happily Remote working
  8. Maja Loncar: Creating Happy ‘Home away from Home’
  9. Isobel Colson
  10. Maartje Wollf & Fennande van der Meulen: One-hr interactive teamworkshop (Just do it here and now!)
  11. Happiness Lab Demo



Day 3. Purpose, Values, Behaviour, Organisational Culture

On this day we talk about:

* Creating a Happier workplace starts with having a strong and clear purpose as a guiding principle.

* The importance of values, and how to change behaviour in organisations, in order to fulfil your purpose.

* The how & what of organisational culture when leading for happiness and how to change it.

* Purpose as a leading principle and the impact of organisational culture and change.


Speakers and their topics:

  1. Ynzo van Zanten: The story of an unusual chocolate bar, *how purpose drives a successful business
  2. Steve van Driel: How to build an organisational culture around growth and happiness
  3. Jeroen de Voogd: WD40, Creating positive lasting memories through a happy company culture
  4. Maartje Wolff: The power of purpose & storytelling
  5. Arthur Woods: A conversation about Purpose
  6. Katherine Roff: Satisfaction and Beyond – an EQ story about purpose
  7. David Bellamy: How to change culture by measurement, reflection and sharing
  8. Tim Vanherck, J&J: How a 75 year old document can create purpose & meaning for employees today.
  9. Happiness Lab Demo


Day 4. Happiness as a Company Strategy, how?

This day is about:

* The way the company is organised, because this has huge impact on the behaviour and happiness of employees.

* How to build a Company Strategy for Happiness?

* How can we build systems, processes, a structure and office space to support new behaviour leading to Happiness?

* The role of HR for happiness



Speakers and their topics:

  1. Alex Kjerulf: 5 Steps to Build a Company Strategy For Happiness
  2. Rich Sheridan: Chief Joy Officer, how to bring more joy to the workplace
  3. Anna Piacentini: How to build a company based on human unicity
  4. Jenny Brockis: Thriving By Design: The Seven Steps to Smarter, Sharper Thinking
  5. Kasia Kern: Re-Focusing HR for Happiness at Work
  6. Rever: de waarde van een goede kantooromgeving (Dutch only)
  7. Griet Deca: from prosperity to happiness at work
  8. Sheona McGraw: There are two sides of the mental health coin: strengthening positive mental wellbeing at work
  9. Carlos Sabas – Putting Happiness at the Heart of your Business
  10. Kim Hilgert, Griet Deca: Happy meetings
  11. Happiness Lab Demo


Day 5. Focus on tools & specific industries and employee groups

In the past four days we gathered a lot of insight and tips on how to create a happier and healthier workplace. On this final day we focus on specific industries and employee groups and explore different tools to help bring the past week’s learnings into action.

* Specific employee groups

* Industry-specific considerations for creating a happier workplace

* Which tools work well?

* How to measure happiness at work


Speakers and their topics:

  1. Oren Appel: Finding the PLUS – playing happiness at work
  2. Panel Discussion: Randa Farah: Lessons Learned
  3. Nicolai Knudsen: Happiness at work in the military and how it translates in to public companies
  4. Aart Bontekoning + students:
  5. Stephane Gueguen: Collective Intelligence; Expectations at work according to generations
  6. Sarah Metcalfe: Happy employees, happy customers
  7. David Bellamy – Measuring Happiness at Work
  8. Sheona: Not-for-profit organizations: how to tap into your team’s potential
  9. Happiness Lab Demo


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