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Reforming Cultures – next edition of Emergence (quaterly journal of Business Agility

Culture eats strategy for breakfast. You’re probably already familiar with Peter Drucker’s famous observation on 20th Century workplace culture. In other words, reform your organizational culture and the rest will follow.  Reforming Culture is the theme of the next edition of the Journal of Business Agility (published during the International Week of Happiness at Work). 

Vital topic

Reforming Cultures is a vital topic, because research has shown that companies with a strong and positive culture did better during the Covid-29 crisis. Still many leaders and managers don’t pay enough attention to their culture because they think it is to complicated to steer in the right way . In this issue of Emergence we  want to prove to you that it can be done.  That culture is not a stiff and static given,  but that it moves with your people and behaviors. We will show you the importance of getting your culture right, but also how to truly understand your current culture, and what to do if you want to change.  

What is Emergence?

This is the journal for people who think humans aren’t resources and that management shouldn’t be a dirty word. Each issue features a special guest editor charged with commissioning and curating the best stories, research reports, and articles to broaden your horizons and spark your creativity. Four times a year, the editors commission exclusive content and curated stories from prominent thinkers and practitioners from around the globe. Emergence tells the stories of organizations that have built an insatiable curiosity for their customer. They have created cultures where people desire to work and grow and are committed to leading their market with a strong sense of purpose. These organizations have the freedom, flexibility, and resilience to achieve their purpose No matter what the future brings. Subscribe to Emergence to get the stories that will help you unlock your organization’s potential to thrive in uncertainty.

Link to Global Online Happiness at Work Summit

A few of the authors of articles in Emergence are also interviewed for the Global online Happiness at Work summit. So you can watch and listen to them here. Plus there is a bonus: an article from Emergence. You can subscribe to the summit here and have free access during the International Week of Happiness at Work.

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