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Why are the Nordics so happy? Happiness at work is highly regarded in Scandinavian countries. The unpronounceable word for it in Danish is arbejdsglaede and the concept is completely established. And when it comes to vitality and health, the scandis also do well. In the Netherlands, burnout figures are skyrocketing, but not in Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The Dutch Vitality Center investigated what the reasons for this are:
1. A healthy work-life balance: long parental leave and flexible working hours;
2. Focus on equality and social justice: employees feel heard and valued, which leads to engagement and less stress;
3: Shorter working days: prefer efficient work to long hours!
4: Strong social safety nets; health care, affordable child care, a strong social security system;
5: Emphasis on health and well-being: exercise and healthy eating is also very normal at work;
6. Culture of open communication: employees are invited to share their opinions.

Jessica Yu wrote in the Business Review at Berkeley an article about why are the Nordics so happy.

On Sept 27th at 4 pm CET, during the International Week of Happiness at Work we will talk with Alexander Kjerulf, Danish expert on happiness @ work about what he believes are the secrets of the Scandinavians. Will you join us? You can sign up here! The talk is in English.

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