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In 2021 there will be, besides the English version of the Woohoo Academy, a Spanish edition. This will be the first Woohoo certified CHO course in Spanish! Together with our Chilean partners EN EL FONDO we will teach you, just as in the English version, everything we know about happiness at work. In 6 weeks you will get an in-depth background in happiness at work, the latest research in the field, and learn how to use this in your business.

En el fondo

Claudia & Josefina are the founders of the company EN EL FONDO, a Chilean company that works as mobile happiness management, dedicated to accompanying companies to co-create Healthy, Positive and Happy Cultures. They are the first and only Chilean internationally certified as Chief Happiness Officer at Woohoo Inc. “We are very proud to be part of this network of partners, all motivated by the same goal which is Happiness at Work and now very excited to be able to make the academy in Spanish a reality for the first time. We are sure that there is a lot of interest in learning and being part of this dream, therefore, we are happy to release the good news that will change life for many as it has done for ourselves. We are looking  forward to meet you at the first Woohoo Academy in Spanish in April 2021.”


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