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On a sunny and cold day in Copenhagen, we met Oren Appel from Israel, with a beautiful smile and most important, a ton of knowledge on Happiness at Work and Positive Psychology. Oren has developed an interactive fun game that boosts happiness and enables participants to learn tools and solutions from the sciences of happiness at work. He wrote a Manifesto on Happiness at Work. In Hebrew. That, of course, we are not able to read, but we are able to admire it and we definitely wanted to show it to you. We asked Oren about his motivation to join the International Week of Happiness at Work. 

Oren… Who are you and why do you believe in Happiness at Work ? 

I am Oren Appel and I have a mission and passion to bring happiness and positive psychology to the workplaces, I founded PLUS Consulting in Israel, and been a Woohoo Inc partner in Israel since 2016.

I have more than 17 year of experience in organizational development, consulting senior managers and facilitating management training using positive psychology tools and methods. I have a BA in Psychology, MBA and diplomas in Coaching, NLP, Group Facilitation and worldwide Positive Psychology training.


What do you do to enhance your own Happiness at Work?

Our mission in PLUS Consulting is to help organizations, managers, and employees to be happier and more productive by using tools and principles from the world of Positive Psychology and the science of workplace happiness. We offer workshops, lectures, organizational processes, executive coaching, , and an interactive board game. We believe that happiness comes when you believe in what you do, good at what you do, and love what you do.


Why did you decide to join the International Week of Happiness at Work? 

The International Week of Happiness at Work is a great opportunity to focus on workplace happiness and practice it, joining forces with people all over the world. Together we can change the future of our workplaces and make happiness the norm and not the exception.


What do you plan to do during the week? 

During the international week of happiness, we are holding an event for HR managers – inviting them to play the ‘Flinging the PLUS’ game.

“Finding the PLUS” game, which we developed, helps participants learn to implement and practice the positive perspective in a fun and engaging way. Through the game, the players get familiar with the four aspects of positive psychology: mental, emotional, physical and social. They learn and practice new techniques that enable them to increase their happiness level, become more empowered, improve their performance as well as their wellbeing.



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