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In 2018, in Belgium, the International Week of Happiness at Work, was organized by our Belgian colleagues Griet and Kim. The worked closely together with Cevora, Toon Schouteden. We met Toon years ago in Copenhagen at the Woohoo Academy, and enjoyed his sense of humor and openness. We asked him about his experience during the Week, to check if he is still as funny as back then.

Toon Schouteden: “I work for a large sector fund where I am responsible for organizing for training in wellbeing. 1 in 4 employees makes use of our training in Belgium. We have decided to participate in the Week of Happiness at Work because we believe in the long-term employability of employees when people like to work and are happy in their job. That is why we want to improve the awareness of happiness.

We organized several courses during the week, such as training on positivity at work, a session of breathing techniques, a workshop of happy yoga and a real conference we called a funference, haha. One organization had a workshop op happy yoga planned for their 45 employees, it was hilarious, relaxing and fun to do.

The most important message I have understood is that you can achieve far more than what some dare to claim just with only an optimistic view and a positive mindset.”



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