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The history of the International Week of Happiness at Work in Brazil began in June 2020 with the first contact from Mariane Ortiz with the movement in Portugal promoted by the companies Happiness Factory and Mrs. Liz.

Both enchanted and aligned with the same purpose of contributing with people inside organizations on promoting well-being and life quality of its collaborators, Mariane brought the proposal to the commercial team of Gestores do Bem, a company that acts in the human development field, inside organizations.

Immediately we have all been taken by joy. Each one had a will, in his own way, to build the project. We contacted the pioneers of the movement, in the Netherlands and we were more than welcomed. We had little time to figure everything out. The event was to take place in the last week of September. We started anyway.

Since it is a global movement and open to anyone, we have built partnerships since the beginning, uniting and encouraging people and organizations to work towards this purpose.

We believe that the present moment asks us to plant and water seeds that promote some well-being. Therefore, we can change some of the pandemic mood, home office, economic and political crisis, bringing the care to the individuals in a way to spread and lead more harmonious and prosperous environments.

Happy people are healthier, more confident, resourceful, both personally and professionally successful.

Workplaces that promote well-being aggregate individual compromised, collaborative that produce and perform with more success and engagement.

Collaborators with a higher state of joy have creativity, innovation and boldness awaken in them to grow and allow the organization to develop.

Spaces that take care of the mental health of their members are more attractive to people that want to perform in places they feel well and can accomplish meaningful work with interesting challenges and significant results.

The event for the Week will take place with online debate panels, due to the Pandemic, in whose specialists and organizations will reflect and approach initiatives that promote happiness at work. The manifest of the movement can be signed by anyone that agrees and encourages this purpose. To have a happier world at work, supporting people in a way that they can execute initiatives towards happiness inside the organizations is the desire of everybody.

We invite everyone to create initiatives, even simple ones, that can awake and help people to feed the joy in the environments that they are part and develop.

Our thanks to the active participants that started the movement in Brazil:

Andrea Okino


Cynthia Lino

Dario Placidi

Graziela Terra

Mariane Ortiz

Marcus Vinicius de Carvalho Magalhães

Ronaldo Bastos

Veronica Esteves

Yara Cury


Our social profiles so that you can spread the word in your personal and professional spaces:



Instagram: @_felicidadenotrabalho




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