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The International Week of Happiness at Work will take place from 23 to 27 September 2019, for Switzerland in Lausanne and Geneva and, for the most connected of us, online.

The week will offer an abundance of workshops and webinars delivered by local experts on thematic as diverse and rich as Coaching, Sophrology, Yoga, Aromatherapy, Stress management, Positive Psychology, Improcoaching, nonviolent communication, spirituality…with a happy End whose WOW effect is highly anticipated.

SoHappy, Umanize, New Attitude, Job Crafting, Outplace Yourself, Happitude at work, Teleos Leadership, People Up, VK Coaching, Daag, Happiness Factory and many more will contribute to the happening.

Feeling like joining us? Visit (soon online!!!)

So, who is behind all this? Meet Sandra and Sandrine…

Sandra, Sandrine, who are you and why do you believe in Happiness at Work?

As a matter of fact, our roads crossed thanks to the International Week of Happiness at Work initiative!!  Sandrine is the co-founder of Outplace Yourself, a coaching company which headquarter is located in Switzerland and which is dedicated to helping people be more fulfilled in their career. Happiness at work is for Sandrine more than a belief, it’s a purpose.

Sandra is currently reinventing her career path, after having spent the last 15 years in the HR sector. She dedicates her time to coach people to become more aligned and found their “ikigai” and nurture their dreams daily.

Sandra believes that Happiness at Work is not the “new age” it’s a way of life.


What do you do to enhance your own Happiness at Work?

Sandra: ‘We are all concerned with being happy at work as we spent the majority of our lives at the workplace. I feel joyful by being surrounded by others that feel the same “vibe”, by starting my journey doing my daily routine, spending quality time with colleagues and peers, by being creative and innovative and creating this amazing atmosphere at work where laughs are the fuel of our journeys.’

Sandrine: ‘I believe we, career coaches included, are all the main actors of our own happiness at work. Personally, to nurture my happiness at work, I secure that my personal needs are satisfied as often as possible by engaging into new contacts and collaborations with many different people, by exercising formal and informal mindfulness daily, by making time for quality relationships with my peers and colleagues and by ensuring my work remain diversified and of course by celebrating all my successes small and big.’


Why did you decide to join the International Week of Happiness at Work?

In 2018, Outplace Yourself supported the initiative and all our coaches signed the manifesto.

In 2019, together with Sandra, we want to shift gears and to make it be a big happening because happiness, well-being, and fulfillment at work is a topic for all of us, at the individual, organizational and societal levels. Imagine how much creative energy would be generated if each person, each day would have at least a positive thing to remember or to share about his/her working day!


What do you plan to do during the week?

For the 2019 International Week of Happiness at Work, we are preparing a rich and diversified agenda of workshops and webinars with experts bringing their own facet and their own stone to happiness at Work.


What message do you want to tell the world?

We spend more than 75’000 hours of our life at work, let’s see if we can wear a new pair of glasses and learn to see in the workplace as a wonderful playground for personal and professional development!


What is the topic of your workshop?

We are not going to reveal it all now and will keep the surprise effect for a little while but there will be something in it for all: Coaching, Sophrology, Yoga, aromatherapy, Stress management, Positive psychology, Improvisation theatre, nonviolent communication, spirituality….


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