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Job hoppers, who change jobs -over and over-, is a perception of young Dutch people. However, is this perception true and how do Dutch young employees relate to young employees from other countries when it comes to loyalty towards their employer?


We answer this question together with CVster who previously researched the loyalty of young people (millennials) from 39 countries based on one hundred thousand CV’s. They examined how many years young employees work for one single employer on average and the number of references they provide on their CV.


Dutch young people are the most loyal

Worldwide, young people work an average of 1.21 years for the same organization. Dutch youth, on the other hand, work for the same employer for more than twice as long (over 2.5 years) before making a switch to a new organization.


In the surrounding countries, young people are also quite loyal to their employer. Young people from Belgium work on average 2 years for the same employer and in Denmark on average 1.79 years. The young people from Albania (0.90 years), Poland (0.90 years) and France (0.95 years) are the biggest ‘job hoppers’ in Europe. On average, young people stay here with their employer for about 11 months.


Young job seekers in Asia, for example from Malaysia (0.86 years), Indonesia (0.88 years) and Hong Kong (0.88 years), are the quickest to switch employers. They continue to work for the same organization on average for about 10 months.


Young people hardly mention references

The Netherlands is in the top 3 countries where the least references are mentioned on the CV. Despite the fact that Dutch young people continue to work with their employer the longest on average, they indicate this as a reference less often. They state an average of 0.18 reference. This number is 48.3% below the global average of 0.35.


In Belgium, young people state an average of 0.15 reference on their CV. They also do this slightly less often in Poland (0.16) than in the Netherlands. Kenyan youth are the global leaders when it comes to references. An average Kenyan CV contains 0.77 reference, which is more than 2.2 times the global average.


Happiness and loyalty

Organizations who pay attention to young workers and how they experience their work think about what they encounter daily and throughout their careers. Young employees are also happier, more creative, more motivated and more productive when they experience their workplace as pleasant. Maybe the Dutch are doing pretty good on work happiness? This guest contribution is provided by CVster. Need help to create your resume? Make sure to look up



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